After fencing for two or more years and competing at the local and regional levels these fencers train two to four times per week, two hours per class. All classes include fun, fast games, functional warm-ups, footwork drills, hand drills, bouting drills, open bouting, and simulated tournament bouting. They set monthly goals.


Usually starts in the intermediate level. After working hard at the club to acquire skills and train for conditioning most fencers move into competition to test their abilities. If the fencers choose to compete, we encourage them to acquire experience and have fun. There are many local, regional youth circuits, super regional youth circuits, National North America Cups, and National Championships. We send a coach to most competitions to teach the parents how to support their fencers and help the fencers get their best results. The coach will observe and council the fencers on how to improve and handle the competitive situations that occur.

After each competition, there is a debriefing back at the club to process what fencers have learned, what they did well, what they could have done better, and what they need to work on going forward.