Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes

Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young AthletesAfter the American Fencers success in the 2008 Summer Olympics, fencing has grown in popularity. Finally, there's a complete book- from the history of fencing, to technique, injury prevention, and sports psychology- for the purpose of training young athletes. The general information applies to all weapons, with emphasis on foil. The book is for parents, coaches and fencers.

You will discover:

How to develop a program.
Learning styles of children.
How to achieve fencing fitness.
Foil techniques from basic to elite competitive level.
How to remain calm, yet alert when competing.
Numerous games for quick decision-making, agility and speed.
How fencing is challenging mentally, physically, and it's fun!

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Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes

Fencing Foil

Book Reviews

“Important” and “Comprehensive” are two of the adjectives that came to mind when I read this book. It is a long-overdue comprehensive text for training young fencers. It is written with a sabre emphasis, but only about 30% is weapon-specific. The vast amount of information on the mental, physical, technical, and tactical training of young fencers is just amazing. If you are a coach of any weapon, a fencer who wants a deeper understanding of your sport, or a parent who wants to really know what should be going on in your child’s fencing program, get this book.”
Cole Harkness, Maitre d’Armes
I just got the book. It’s great, one of the best books on teaching fencing I’ve read. It’s along the lines of the “Big book of Fencing” with way better pictures. Now if they created a DVD version? First, your book is great. It’s one of the best books I’ve read on teaching fencing period. Why? Because it’s clearly written. The drills make sense and there is enough pictures of high quality to help all us visual learners. Via Fencing.net big daddy–Senior Member Join Date: Mar 2004
Big Daddy | Senior Member

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