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August 2019

Lightning struck again! Angie Tse won first place for the women’s Youth 10 at the 2019 United States Summer National Championships. Beating out 82 girls, the largest ever in this field, Angie remained calm and focused despite some thrilling close bouts. Photo is of Angie on the main finals stage, at the half way break in the final bout, getting coached by Rob.

Congratulations to everyone involved: her parents, her coaches, and to Angie!

Great day for Halberstadt’s sabre fencers – congratulations!

July 2017

It is a happy and rare day that one of your students becomes a national champion. On July 10, 2017, Erika Chin won the Youth12 US National championship over a strong field of 110 girls. She had to fight back, behind several times, but succeeded bout after bout. Her consistent training, building up speed and endurance helped pave the way. We must also thank her family that supported her at numerous competitions throughout the country that built up her confidence.

On the same day, same event, Alexandra Lee took third place. She also had several difficult bouts along the way, and missed fencing her teammate in the final by just one touch.

Great day for Halberstadt’s sabre fencers – congratulations!

May 22, 2017

We are extremely happy to say our Halberstadt sabre fencers came in SECOND in the country!

A new report just came out, “Ranking the Performance of the Top 50 Youth Sabre Clubs in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017.”

Thanks to all our supportive parents and fencers that have worked hard to achieve such great results!

Ranking the Performance of the Top 50 Youth Saber Clubs in the Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017

Just over 990 individual Y-10, Y-12 and Y-14 fencers from 140 clubs generated 2,752 entries in 96 SYC saber events in the past year as outlined in the accompanying table (see below link). Almost 360 individual fencers (730 entries) from 82 clubs had a Top 8 finish at one or more of the SYCs sabre events in 2016-2017.

Read the full article over at Super Youth Circuit (SYC) 2016-2017 here.