Introductory Classes: Ages 7-10

The program starts with a special rate for 7 to 10 years old with four introductory classes held on Saturday mornings (see Schedule and Fees).

This is ongoing and students may stay at this level for two months and up to one year. The class focuses on energetic games to improve speed, eye-hand coordination drills, learning the basic cuts and parries (blocks), and learn the basic rules of fencing. After two months the fencers are required to have their own equipment.

After The Intro Classes

When children are ready to move from the introductory class, they can attend the Tuesday, Thursday and later Saturday classes. They must be able to get dressed in a timely manner and connect to the electrical scoring machines on their own. Fencers have to show they can follow the drills and footwork and stay focused for the class. The emphasis is to improve their actions while fencing.