Youth Sabre Fencing in San Francisco

We teach Youth Sabre Fencing

Want to Learn Sword Fighting? We offer Youth Sabre Fencing training classes and individual lessons 1 – 4 x/week to develop young athletes, ages 7 and up. Beginners to elite level competitors are welcome.

Our youth sabre fencing program in San Francisco helps children learn new skills, set goals, overcome adversity, and exhibit good sportsmanship while having fun and building character.

The sport of fencing is a conduit for young athletes to develop skills and learn life lessons that have a beneficial and positive impact on their lives and those around them.

We focus on properly preparing our fencers so that they can achieve their full potential locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in competitions.

We encourage students to start every practice with an outcome they want to work towards or achieve by the end of practice. For younger fencers, coaches will make suggestions.

Benefits of Fencing

Children have a strong desire to fence because of their imagination: the clashing of blades, the excitement of a duel, and the fun of wearing and using all the gear. Once they begin to learn modern fencing they are quickly faced with the many challenges of the sport, but along with that is the joy of seeing one’s improvement, outthinking their opponent, creating new friendships, and a unique way to be physically active. They learn to make complex decisions, analyze problems, and think quickly. They learn to rebound and work harder after a defeat. Eventually with persistence and dedication there will be many opportunities to travel to exciting places for competitions, be accepted in a top-notch college, and perhaps be a member of the USA team. In summary, if children enjoy fencing, they will develop important skills not only for the sport, but also in all aspects of their lives.

Fencing is par excellence in every sense.

Fencing Improves

  • perception

  • concentration

  • imagination

  • quick analytical thinking

Fencing Develops Traits of

  • resilience

  • self-control

  • self-confidence

  • positive motivation for success

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