Ongoing Fencing Classes Save the Dates for Summer Camps Beginner & Intermediate: July 31-Aug 4 Advanced: Aug 7 - 11

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Fencing Sabre or Fencing Foil: A Practical Training Guide for Coaches, Parents and Young Athletes

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SF Youth Fencing Halberstadt Fencers' Club 621 South Van Ness Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110 (415) 846-2443 - Rob


Want to learn sword fighting?

We offer training classes and individual lessons 1 – 4 x/week to develop young athletes, ages 7 and up. Beginners to high level competitors are welcome.

Our program helps children learn new skills, set goals, overcome adversity, and exhibit good sportsmanship while having fun and building character.

The sport of fencing is a conduit for young athletes to develop skills and learn life lessons that have a beneficial and positive impact on their lives.

We focus on properly preparing our fencers so that they can achieve their full potential locally, nationally, and internationally.


Serious training AND fun!
“The husband and wife instructors could not be more committed and qualified to be teaching these fencing classes. Training sessions are 2 hours- this should give an idea of how seriously instructors and kids take these classes. Classes involve stretching, practicing, learning how to referee (this is how kids learn the complex rules of the sport), and lots of bouting. Instruction is geared toward competition. Kids seem to love all the gear (mask, sabre, gloves, etc.) and the chance to act like pirates and buccaneers.”

Written by Vimala

“All of the hard work last year paid off for this group as we have a real presence in the top ten. This is such a testament to your superb coaching! I don’t doubt for a moment that if they stick to it, these kids have every chance of becoming world class fencers under your direction. Thanks as always for sharing your dedication and passion for the sport with our family.”

Written by Deborah Parker Wong

I know enough about training and coaching to knowledgeably evaluate your youth coaching practices and philosophy.  I found your methods and the facilities to be stellar.  Keep up the good work!”

Written by Jay Van Alstine

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Fencing Improves:

  • perception
  • concentration
  • imagination
  • quick analytical thinking

Fencing Develops Traits of:

  • resilience
  • self-control
  • self-confidence
  • positive motivation for success

Fencing is par excellence in every sense.